Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Of late, I've been in a phase I have experienced before, one which has brought a lot of misery to me in the past. I feel I'm drifting away from everyone else, and that I just can't identify with the rest of the people around me. It's not exactly loneliness, but then it's a horrible feeling. I just don't know why this happens sometimes.
There's nothing to justify me feeling this way. I have my friends, I haven't been isolated and I have not been anti-social in the least. Yet, I just feel I'm drifting away from people I know. I hardly ever spend time at home, but then again neither do I spend time with my friends. I don't like my situation but I can't do anything about it, either.
The last time I had a phase like this, I had turned to things which could have led to my ultimate ruin, although it's too early in life to use such a strong term. When I was last experiencing something of this sort, I was simply wasting away.
There's a feeling of near hopelessness that seems to be overcoming me nowadays. I don't know why, because anyone else would think my life's in perfect shape. Yet, I feel depressed and dissatisfied.
Sometimes I wonder why I'm like this.