Saturday, August 16, 2008


I haven't mentioned much since the time I was giving CLAT. Well, CLAT placed me in Gujarat National Law University (GNLU), and I have been in Gandhinagar since.
Hmmmm....let me now tell you a bit about Gandhinagar. Well, there isn't much to Gandhinagar. It's green....very green...and pollution-free. It's great for taking long walks and just lazing around doing nothing, but it's not really very good for those people who like being active and like having their nights out. If you're that kinda person...don't ever come to Gandhinagar. But since, most fortunately, I'm not that kinda person, I like Gandhinagar as a far. Fortunately I will be spending only 8 months of the year in Gandhinagar.
Well, GNLU's cool...the hostels are decent, and the classes are nice. We had the 1st year's intra-round of moot court recently...and I placed 8th out of the 136 people who did the moot in my batch. This qualifies me for the second round where I take on my seniors on the subject of international's gonna be screwy, but that's alright. If I do well, I might be able to go for some national/international moot court competition.
Apart from that, there isn't much...hostel life is brilliant fun, although you don't get to sleep much. Right now, I have to focus on starting studies for mid-semester exams, which start from tomorrow for me. I'll probably finish off by early morning. Adios for now


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gandhinagar is actually thr kinda place for partying at night...n somehow tough for a pakka calcuttan (a gujju calcuttan who speaks broken bangali) to get used to regular life there...congrsatulations on the too kinda wants to do law....:)

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