Monday, October 10, 2011

Modi ManiaModi Mania

It is a sad fact that today many Indians would like to see Narendra Modi become the Prime Minister. It reminds me of the German people clamouring to see Adolf Hitler take over power. There is too much said about him having delivered as Chief Minister of Gujarat, and too little said about the systemic discrimination he has encouraged in the state.
People defending Modi will always point out his development record. What most of these people conveniently ignore is the fact that Modi takes a lot of credit for programmes initiated and worked on by the Congress government, although completed in his chief ministership. Another fact often ignored is that Gujarat was never underdeveloped unlike other states. Any progress made under Modi did not constitute an earth-shattering change, unlike the work done by Nitish Kumar in Bihar, a man who has consistently disassociated himself from Modi. Bihar was in a terrible condition before Nitish Kumar came to power, and if you want to talk about development, Nitish has done much more for Bihar than Modi has done for Gujarat.
Even Naveen Patnaik in Orissa deserves more credit for development programmes than Narendra Modi. Unfortunately the saffron propaganda spreading like venom across the country portrays Narendra Modi as a larger than life figure.
Modi suffers from the cult of personality, and believes himself to be larger than the party, which is why even the BJP is reluctant to make him their Prime Ministerial candidate. The man has an ego the size of a mountain, and his superb oratory convinces all (just like Hitler did) that what he says is right.
The man has encouraged the establishment of systemic discrimination in the state, and has made life unbearable for minorities. The sad part is that the majority is overjoyed by this, and votes him into power with glee.
Much like another Modi, Narendra Modi is much admired now. Like Lalit Modi in BCCI, he is currently one of the most powerful figures in the BJP, and their biggest trump card right now. But like Lalit Modi, Narendra Modi's arrogance will bring about his downfall. The refusal to appoint a Lokayukta, the arrest of Sanjiv Bhatt for daring to testify against him and other such haughty measures will eventually prove to be the end of him. He has been upsetting even his former mentor L.K. Advani, such is his arrogance. But the higher the rise the more severe the fall, and Narendra Modi will indeed suffer a great fall, although I fear it may be at the cost of a great many Indians who want him to crest the wave of power.


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