Monday, April 23, 2007

Sometimes it isn't a good thing to be thinking too much about what's going on around you. Seldom does anything at all make sense, and on the rare occasion that you think you've got it figured turns out that it isn't so simple after all.
I often ask myself why I just don't feel satisfied with my life at the end of the day. Is it because I don't feel content with what I have? Or is it because I feel I have a lot left to do? Yet I can never answer that question because I just don't know.
Perhaps I'm inquiring too much into my life...asking too much of it and not managing to see what might be as clear as day. I can't understand myself sometimes, and although I wish to be different I can't. While on the one hand I think that I'm doing things the right way...on the other hand I want a lot more from the way things are. Illogical? I agree that it is...but that's the way it is for me right now.


Anonymous beyond said...

It sounds terribly logical to me- and familiar. Most people hate to hear this, but you're not the only one.
I guess it's a question of what you want, and the satisfaction doesn't usually come at the end of the day, but during its climaxes. 'At the end of the day' is all wrong. The only thing to properly feel then is tired. It's what you feel at the climaxes that counts, I think.

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