Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Batch stuff

"United We Stand" - that's what they had decided for our batch motto...but things change quite quickly. I never once thought that this would change so quickly. Splits appeared within the erstwhile united group...and soon cracks of division appeared in the various friend circles.
True, we would still unite if something affected the batch as a whole...but not everyday does such an issue come about. The hypocrisy is so damningly evident, it hurts. There are people who bitch endlessly about others, but in the same breath condemn others for bitching. I can't really blame them, it's a human tendency to do so. Yet it is nonetheless sickening. The pretences and charades just don't seem to end.
I personally hate this whole thing. The worst part is that people try and get you to hate the individuals they dislike. I'm never going to mention any names, but if A doesn't like B - A will try his hardest to get C, D and E to hate B as well. I never understand the point of all this, perhaps because of my naivete in believing in the good side of people.
So is our batch really divided? No. I don't think so. I think our batch is united, but the divisions are underneath the surface, never spilling over. The divisions have their roots in simple jealousy. It is something as petty as envy which is the root of the problem. The sooner people in our batch realise how foolish this is, the stronger we will be as a batch.
At the end of it all, our batch is a brilliant one. We have among us the best students to wear the LMB stripes. If these petty problems are sorted out, it will be all the better for our batch as a whole.



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