Thursday, January 25, 2007


Recently, the most frequent topic of discussion in our batch has been prefectship. And one of the main things that has been discussed is whether the names being touted for possible prefects deserve the double bar.
For me, I've always aspired to be a school prefect. It's been a dream I've nursed ever since I saw my seniors wear the tie. It was my ambition to wear the tie one day, and I hope the day won't be long in coming. But one thing that's always been discussed ever since I can remember was whether the people who got it, deserved it or not.
I first remember people asking this question when Keshav Kanoria became School Vice Captain in the year 2001. No one disputed that Jashodeep deserved to be School Captain that year, but I heard several seniors saying Nipun Chopra and Aditya Sharma, among other names, deserved to get Vice Captaincy. I don't know why these questions were raised...I was in Class 6 when this took place, but I cannot remember a year when no one disputed the names put in the prefect's list. My friend Arjun Puri was named School Captain the following year...and I heard several people saying he didn't deserve it. In fact, for a long time since I have heard people who have said he didn't deserve it. The fact that Puri was one of the most popular School Captains didn't seem to deter his detractors.
This continued when Shovik Banerjee and Ravi Bhushan were named Captain and Vice Captain. It seemed to be a Martinian tradition that every year people would grouse about those who received the double bar. Many were surprised when Advay Jhunjhunwala was not made School Captain in his year, continuing the persistent trend.
The one year in which this tradition was broken was when Lester Gunnion and Dibyadeep Datta were made School Captain and Vice Captain. That was one year in which everyone felt more or less satisfied that the people who got the tie deserved it. Of course, grumbles were heard from some quarters about some exclusions from the list, and everyone felt Dane Ross should have been a prefect...and thus the trend continued.
Last year too, there were several complaints about the prefect's list. Sometimes I wonder whether it is worth letting something like prefectship get in the way of batch unity and pride in being a Martinian. I can say one thing for sure. Whether I wear a prefect's tie or not, I will always be a proud Martinian. Whenever I've told my friends that it doesn't really matter whether I get to be House Captain or not, they've laughed. But I stick by my word. Of course, it would be a great honour to be House Captain, but I wouldn't regret not getting it.

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