Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Chalk Circle

The students who recently performed in Theatrecian's production of "The Chalk Circle" definitely benefited from the presence of British theatre personality James Williams. He adapted & directed the work of playwright Bertolt Brecht for us, and remarkably managed to put together the play in just 4 days.
After conducting workshops on improvisation, James started us off with the scripts. At first, it might have seemed doubtful that this play could be managed in the limited time we had. However, the enthusiasm of our director soon rubbed off on us, and the rehearsals were lively and productive.
It was a great experience for everyone involved. Students of Apeejay, Assembly of God Church, Cambridge, La Martiniere for Boys and Pratt Memorial worked together on this play. The students made new friends and interacted with each other, something not always possible during inter-school competitions.
One interesting thing about the production was that there was no fixed actress playing the protagonist Grusha. Almost all the actresses involved with this play at some time played the role. Utsav Kothari of LMB played 4 roles with elan, an incredible feat. Prapti Walia of Cambridge and Neha Dubey of Apeejay did excellent portrayals of Grusha. Saurav Mehta of LMB stole the show with his hilarious depiction of judge Azdak. The music of Samuel and Rahul of AG on keyboards & guitar also deserve mention.
Once again, all thanks to James, without whom this wouldn't have been possible.


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