Saturday, August 19, 2006

To Mrinal

A valiant man is Mrinal Mohanka
He becomes a firangee tomorrow
No matter how hard he may try
He can’t postpone this sorrow.

Let us think about times gone by
And celebrate our good friend
Despite the fact he’s going away
Let it be good times to the end.

It’s just beginning for you, Mrinal
It is the time to enjoy this life
Make use of these years as much as you can
Before you end up with your Nepali wife.

Never forget your friends
And your times in LMB
But look ahead to the times to come
That is the way one should be.

These glory days of youth
May pass you by, I say
But may you never forget them
Even though you go away.

It is easy for this poetic Bong
To express himself through creativity
But much is left unsaid
Of this harsh and bitter reality.

Farewell my friend, go forth
And step on those foreign shores
I wish you all the very best
In life always look for more.

From Shacko


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