Sunday, August 06, 2006


I hate maths. It is by far my least favourite subject, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. It has been so for as long as I can remember. I always had trouble with the subject, and till today although I have to sit for the examination, I hardly make a proper attempt at it.
My ordeal with maths began in junior school, when I was known to have a major problem with it. However, at that time I worked hard at it, and ended up with a Progress in Mathematics certificate I remember getting in class 4 or so.
However, in Class 6, I encountered a teacher who was easily the scariest ever - Mr. Royan. He had a reputation of sorts, and all classes who have been taught by him were scared stiff by him. I remember on one particular occasion, I had not been able to do a few sums for his homework. He caught me by the collar, pulled me over the desk within inches of his face and said menacingly, "you've been waiting till the end of the class to tell me this huh?" I was scared silly, so I could hardly utter a word in response. Thankfully, I was just sent out of the class. One of my classmates wasn't as lucky. His spectacles flew off when Mr. Royan slapped him across the face.
Mathematics continued to be a terror for me all the way through to 10. Luckily, in class 10 I came across Poddo for the first time.
I first heard of Poddo from my seniors, who spoke about him in hallowed terms. Poddo had a tremendous reputation among my seniors as an amazing maths tutor.
I joined him in 10 after my friend Eric suggested his tuition for me. I was lucky enough to be accepted by Poddo, and thus I started his tuition.
Poddo is easily the most eccentric teacher I have ever come across. He always hides his real name for some weird reason. He smokes like a chimney, and every class he used to go out, have a smoke and a cup of tea before returning. He's a benevolent man, though, and feeds 9 villages during the pujas every year. He's also a part of a group called Diganta.
Poddo is the reason that I managed to pass ICSE maths, after failing since class 7. I wouldn't have managed it without his tuition, such is my case with maths. Unfortunately though, in class 11, I haven't had regular classes, thus my case is doomed.
Therefore, tomorrow - which is when my Business Maths exam takes place - I am in for a tough time. Rather than luck, I need a lot of patience to sit through a paper I know practically nothing about.


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