Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm horrible when it comes to giving names to stuff. It's something that I just can't manage, and I keep wondering how in hell am I supposed to give a good name to anything.
Even when it comes to my creative works, I wait till the last to give my piece a name - and that too I sometimes avoid by simply not titling it.
I was faced with this problem when I was planning to begin a drama club in my school. I was going over various names and asking for suggestions from each and every person, till one of my seniors showed me a way out by taking up the name of a then inactive club. This rid me of a tremendous headache.
I am once again suffering this problem, for which I have no solution.


Blogger steamroller B&W said...

see if you like somethin here... Apprentice/Flintboards/The ShowCasket/The Bluetons..

Eh, this be randon scrambled from the head,first thing in the morning, note that okay?


erm..the second one sounds more like a splendid band name,does it? :P

11:24 AM  
Blogger dirty ol' hag said...


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