Thursday, August 24, 2006

I hate being sick. One of the primary reasons why I hate being sick is 'coz I'm stuck at home when I'm sick, and that's just plain pissing off.
And why do I hate being home, you may ask? It's 'coz I just can't stand the feeling of being trapped when I'm at home. I feel like a caged bird, and I just long to go outside, even if it's for just a little while.
School's as boring as ever, although I've bunked the last two days coz of being sick. We rocked the School team vs Rest of School team debate. I don't know whether the Past vs Present debate has taken place or not. That should be a good one to watch.
I enjoy debating. It's a good intellectual exercise, especially the Extempore debates. The parliamentary debates we have in school are more formal, but they're also more challenging. I've won very few parliamentary debates, but have won or came second in every Extempore I've done. I enjoy improvising.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you hate sitting at home ? I'm sorry, but I think that's the best part of getting sick... you get to laze around and do nothing...

6:08 PM  

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