Saturday, August 19, 2006

Note of parting

Yesterday we had our farewell party for Mrinal. Red Lounge saw nearly 30 Martinians from Class 11 take over the place as we made merry for our friend. Although it was a sad occasion, it was amazing fun. Lakhmani, Shah, Tyagi, Doshi, Saurav, Ronak, Issar, Gambhir, Deepro, Singhi, Udbhav, Bose, Priyam, Rungta, Mayecha, 'Daddy', Vorah, Kandoi, Satvick, Singhvi, Chawdhry, Vedant, Kalra, Dhruv, Ankit and I comprised the guest list, apart from, of course, Mrinal himself.
Everyone had a great time, and we were all thinking how bad it's gonna be in another one-and-a-half years, when we all leave school. That's gonna be really hard for us to do. It's sad that we haven't had such a big get-together before. So many guys coming for this made it really special. It's only unfortunate that the event was so sad.
I couldn't spend the night at Mrinal's house, so I came first thing in the morning. When I reached, I found Chawdhry, Lakhmani, Singhvi & Mrinal half-dead from being awake practically all night. Ishan Roy Choudhury & Saurav Mehta came in the morning. Satvick had stayed over, but I guess he had gone home for some reason, coz he came in later. We were chilling at Thapa's place for a long time (Thapa, Moga etc are all nicks of Mrinal), and finally left for the airport at 10. Vedant, Daddy (Vidyut Saraf), Rohan Shah and Kalra joined us on the way.
We weren't allowed inside the terminal building, but it was good enough just being there. Gonna miss Mrinal. A great friend, and all-round good guy.


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