Monday, August 14, 2006


Quizzing is something I have been interested in for ages now. It was in Class 3 that I went for my first ever quiz, and since then I've attended countless quizzes. Right from the Maggi Quiz in Class 3 to the Dhrishtikon Quiz I did today, it's been a great experience.
I've always felt a sort of exhiliration when I sit for a quiz. I don't why people consider it boring. Perhaps to a non-quizzer, sitting in the audience for a quiz is a great bore, but for those who have done quizzing, it is fun. I have been for several quizzes, and with the exception of a few unusual cases, they've all been great fun.
When I am onstage, the excitement really gets to you. Only in quizzes in which most questions are left unanswered is there scope for boredom. But when there's only 10 points separating the team from others, it gets really exciting.
I really enjoyed the quizzes I've done with Arjun Puri. Although I've sat for only 3 quizzes with him, I have really had a good time. It is not possible to be too serious with Puri around, and it relaxes the atmosphere, making it easier to quiz.
My best team was that of Aryapriya Ganguly, Rohan Saha and me. We had a great time both on and off stage, and this particular team was very, very successful. We won the MP Birla Smarak Kosh Quiz last year after a 5-year winless streak. Our biggest victory, though, was that of the Doon School Quiz. The last team to win it comprised of one of the best teams of LMB - that of Rohan Dutta, Anirudh Chari and Surjo Sinha in 1999. I feel that Aryapriya, Saha and I could challenge them for the title. Our open quiz team (LMB Tigers and/or Rub-a-dub-dub-where-is-my-grub) also did pretty well in the two open quizzes we sat for.
This year I have enjoyed quizzing with my teammates Bhaskar Dutta, Deepro Guha and Debdeep Nath. We've done moderately well, but I have nonetheless enjoyed the quizzes we did.
I hope that my friends Rohan Shah, Leslie Gunnion and Rushil Gambhir get back to quizzing. Shah was a very good quizzer earlier, but soon became more involved with Dramatics and music. Leslie did only two quizzes, where he showed promising signs - but soon went more into sports such as football and hockey. Even Gambhir, a mainstay of the LMB debating team, had done a few quizzes but soon quit it. I really wish they discovered the joy of quizzing earlier.
Here's to one-and-a-half years more of school quizzing!



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