Thursday, August 10, 2006


I went to see "Omkara" yesterday to celebrate the end of examinations, and I'm glad I went for this particular movie. I haven't seen Vishal Bharadwaj's previous adaptation of Shakespeare - "Maqbool" - though I had been dying to, and thus I couldn't miss "Omkara".
"Othello" couldn't have been treated better than Bharadwaj does in Omkara. The cast couldn't be better - Ajay Devgan as Omkara (Othello), Saif Ali Khan as Langda (Iago), Viveik Oberoi as Kesu (Cassio) and Kareena Kapoor as Dolly (Desdemona). Apart from them, Naseeruddin Shah was brilliant as Bhaisaab (Duke of Venice) and Konkona Sen Sharma did a great job as Indu (Emilia). Bipasha Basu didn't do much as Billo (Bianca), but one can't really blame her for not doing too good in a role that didn't have much in it apart from item numbers.
I think Bharadwaj really captured the tension and jealousy of the original storyline brilliantly. The script is tightly woven, and doesn't leave the viewer with much breathing space. Saif Ali Khan in particular shone in this movie as Langda, and it's especially brilliant when you keep in mind the roles he's recently done as a metrosexual male, which I felt were completely rubbish.
Ajay Devgan was great as Omkara but I felt that in the middle Langda dominated more than Omi. That is forgiveable once it comes towards the end, where Devgan really shines as the jealousy goes full throttle.
I won't be able to forget the last shot of the movie - where Dolly's corpse lies on the swinging bed which swings to and fro, at one time covering the corpse of Omkara, and then moving off...covering and again moving off. That shot was just superb, and it remains with the viewer long after seeing the movie.
Vishal Bharadwaj wrote, directed and composed the music for the film - and he does an excellent job in all three roles.
I really loved "Omkara", and it is one of the best hindi movies I've seen by far.


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