Friday, August 04, 2006


Aah! Yet another platform to lecture the universe with my ramblings!
This is supposed to be an intro, however, and I shall do my best to be brief about it...although it is quite a challenge for me to do so. I have walked the earth for 17 years as on August 4th, 2006, and it has been quite a ride so far.
My biggest passion in life is music, and it pervades everything I do. I cannot be detached from music, and the lack of it would probably choke me to death. Although I do not pretend to be a gifted musician, which I am not, I still love it. My other great love is football, and again, although I may not be a Zidane in the making, that does not prevent me from being crazy about it.
My talent lies elsewhere, in what has been termed "intellectual" activities. I started off as a quizzer, and I'm an active quizzer in the Kolkata circuit - where I'm known to be the "western music" expert. Later, though, I branched off from quizzing into other so called "intellectual" activities. Drama is another love of mine. Starting with Dramatics at the school level, I recently performed with Theatrecian, and I'm pretty sure that it will not be my last involvement with theatre. Debating is another activity I have some skill in, although I haven't done much of it so far.
I love writing, and I find it a sort of release to which nothing compares to. Whether poetry, prose or scripts, I enjoy writing, and I hope to share my creative stuff in this blog.
The formalities of introduction done, I think the title of the blog deserves further explanation. Robert Zimmerman is better known as Bob Dylan, the singer-songwriter. Dylan has been a major influence on me, and continues to inspire me with his songs. Roberto Santos is the pseudonym I use when submitting my work to online writer's communities, and thus, Santos meets Zimmerman.


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