Saturday, August 05, 2006

It is said that our greatest verses
Come from a place of pain
But I wonder if it is worth it
What could I possibly gain?

It hurts me everyday to see you
Because I know you are not mine
Sometimes it seems you reciprocate
But in that no consolation do I find.

I don't think it is worth it for me
To pursue tirelessly after you
After all, if you don't care
Why should I give a damn about you?

The extremes I swing in between
Great happiness and tremendous sorrow
Sometimes when I think about you
I ponder if it is worth seeing the morrow.

Why can't you just end the pretense
And let me know how you feel
From the effects of your actions
Drunkenly I sway and reel.

God knows how I would react
When all this pent-up emotion
Just can't contain itself longer
And edges slowly towards an eruption.

Not many times have I felt this way
So it hurts that much more
Both anger and bittersweet desire
Exist within my heart's core.


Blogger dirty ol' hag said...

oh rhyme arrrggghhhhhhhh

3:18 AM  

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