Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Winds of Change

This has been an eventful time, and a phase that I won't be able to forget in a hurry. A flurry of activities occurred one after the other, and each event that passes by seems to carry whisper that it'll be the last time for me.
The school Marathon was the first of those. Although it's only the second time it's been held, the Marathon has already made an indelible impression on our boys, and it's a fun event for all who take part. I'm glad it has been reintroduced during my time in the school and not after I pass out. Although I fell and got myself badly bruised, running the Marathon was good fun.
I've been attending La Martiniere Sunday for an extremely long time now...having attended my first La Martiniere Sunday when I was in class 3. The service is much the same as it used to be then, but there's something about St Paul's Cathedral, especially during that time, which lends an unexplainable aura about the proceedings. Having sung with the choir every service, I now wonder how strange it will feel to watch choirs sing without my bass vocal amidst them.
The Inter-House Athletics meet is taking place day after tomorrow, and after years of watching the house captains lead the march, I will be taking my place amongst the other house captains at the head of the line. It feels good to hold the Macaulay house flag, and before long it'll be time for a new house captain hold it aloft.
Elections for the Nature Club are coming up...and it's time we select our successors as the Executive Board of Directors. I will now badge the incoming NCL Secretary at the not-so-distant installation ceremony. I've to also hand over the reins of the Quiz team captaincy to my long-time teammate Debdeep Nath, having already called time on a decade long school quizzing career. And of course, I've to give my suggestions for next year's 6 prefects and recommend a House Captain from amongst them to take my place.
My tenure's been good, and even greater has been the phenomenal ride of school life. The process continues as it always has, and now I look forward to ISC and CET, and hopefully NLS, Bangalore. Life's long journey has only just begun.


Anonymous Param said...

after reading this blog...i've realised that even my time is limited in these "hallowed portals"...two more years and i'll be in the same predicament as you...

9:31 PM  
Blogger new age scheherazade said...

you get me all depressed. we're doing the same stuff-designing batch Tshirts, doing the last few plays, editing the magazine for the LAST time and having teachers remind us of "last three weeks" etc.

6:40 PM  

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