Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Life's been good of late...although I haven't been doing much else but wandering. I've been in a good, positive frame of mind, which is a very desirable thing indeed.
I'm currently heavily influenced by Baul songs. I went for this one man play called "Man of The Heart", based on the life and times of Lalon Shah Fokir, the legendary baul. Since then I've been fixated on baul and bhatiali stuff, and I've been tripping on baul songs, particularly the ones that Lalon had composed. I even wrote a couple of songs in the baul style. Unfortunately though I never took Bengali seriously as a subject in school, so I have been experimenting with writing Bengali in my own bloody style, no hope for spellings and stuff.
Currently working on a volume of poetry, let's see how far that materialises.
New year's was a blast...I spent it partying, and it's been great fun. I can't believe that 2008 has already arrived...2007 went by like a flash. New prefects will be named when school opens...exams coming up...I've to bloody sit for ISC!!!
Well, I'm not so bothered...never had too much faith in the council anyway.


Blogger adwaita said...

good to hear people being positive.
good for you dahlin good for you!

8:40 AM  

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