Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm not at my best...it's been a bad time for me, and although on the surface it appears to all that everything's going as great as ever, it is definitely not so.
In reality, I've been down. I've been depressed and I've been trying to keep my mind off it by keeping myself busy so that I don't think about it...but it isn't easy, especially when there isn't much that's left to keep my mind off things.
Music doesn't help too much nowadays...it just depresses me further to listen to my favourite songs nowadays. Currently trying to rearrange Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone to suit my current frame of mind. And trust me, this depression is not caused by the end of school. I think the termination of school life will be more of a release than anything else, because for me to put on the entire facade of aloof and praiseworthy house captain is becoming a pain.
Hopefully it'll get better.


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