Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Boss

Before I became a radical Dylan follower, I was a big fan of another singer-songwriter of considerable repute. Bruce Springsteen was one of my early favourites along with The Beatles and Bryan Adams. I used to like Springsteen best of all, because there was something in his throaty roar that I connected with. "The Boss", as he is popularly known, spoke of ordinary life and the common man, and I was a great fan of his music.
Although based on American themes, Springsteen's songs have a dark edge to it that a lot of people can identify with. Born In The USA, although it tells the tale of a returning Vietnam vet, has in it's lyrics sentiments that I think every country's soldier will be able to connect with. It's a matter of shame for a lot of countries, including my own, that the very people who serve their nation with honour and devotion are ignored by their own people and receive a stepmotherly treatment from their leaders. Human Touch speaks of a man's desire for the flesh and his frustration with the struggles with love. Glory Days hark back to that unforgettable phase of school life when looked at retrospectively. Thunder Road is a youth's urge to break free and run wild. Dancing In The Dark, on the other hand, is a portrait of the fun-loving and frivolous youth. I've always liked the working class themes of Springsteen.
Over the years, I've moved on from Springsteen, and although I still hear his songs, I've grown more attracted towards classic rock and the likes of Dylan and Floyd. Now, however, Bruce Springsteen has staged a comeback with the new album "Magic", where he reunites with the E-Street band to once again rock the music fraternity. Looking forward to some more of the old Boss magic to come alive.


Anonymous param said...

i haven't really heard springsteen's songs a lot but right now i'm in a stage in which i'm listening to all sorts of music mostly rock and trance but i'd really like to hear some good floyd and springsteen songs...can you recommend a couple of your favourite floyd and springsteen songs...also what song that you've heard has got the best lyrics or the most meaningful lyrics

4:06 PM  
Blogger Mr. Santos said...

in terms of my fav floyd songs - it would be close tie between Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Coming Back To Life. as far as Springsteen goes my personal favs are Streets of Philadelphia and Secret Garden. Best lyrics would be Thunder Road by Springsteen and Time by Pink Floyd

9:07 PM  

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