Friday, October 05, 2007

CCD, Barista and Coffee

I'm a caffeine addict, and a dedicated one at that. i need my daily dose of caffeine...and if I don't have my customary coffee, I'll make up for it in the coke I drink.
I know that it's never good to be addicted to anything, but I think this is relatively safer than some other substances one can get addicted to. It's hard to kick the habit of a coffee and a coke a day. And plus, I enjoy this addiction. I'm not really very much inclined to stop my regular caffeine intake.
That's the reason why you'll often find me sitting in a CCD or a Barista by myself, listening to music and nowadays, writing something in one of my countless notebooks...perhaps a play or a piece of fiction I've been working on.
In Barista the bonus is that there's an acoustic guitar waiting to be played, so most of time I just pick it up and start strumming or playing something quite random.
One advantage is that with my regular visits, I don't even need to place an order in some cafes...I just walk in, take a seat and they bring my stuff. One time, I even got a free coffee because the manager knew that the first coffee was absolutely crap. These cafes are places where I give gyan to my companions regarding stuff like theatre and music etc...where I discuss life and school with my friends...and where I discuss life in general with my closest friends.
The capability of a man's brain is proportional to the amount of coffee he drinks - I certainly believe that...I don't know if you agree with me there.


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