Monday, October 01, 2007

The 3 Ts

I have developed my own theory of late, which I shared with a few friends. What I postulated was, that in life and in any field of life for that matter, it's a matter of 3 T's which is most important...these being Talent, Technique and Toil.
One might argue that the first two Ts have not much difference between them...that Talent and Technique go hand in hand, but I disagree. To me, Talent is an inborn ability, a natural specialisation or innate skill. However, that should not be confused with Technique, the skills which one has been taught or trained in. Technique for me is the method and execution which is developed by training, guidance or coaching. And lastly, Toil is is simply hard work and the effort one puts into making the best use of one's talents.
Everyone makes use of a different combination of these 3 Ts. In life, and in any field of life, what makes the difference between success and failure is how you make use of these 3 Ts. I have often ignored the latter 2 Ts, but most of the time I've tried to use my talent and ability to work hard to get me through most challenges. Okay, enough of gyan for the time being


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