Thursday, October 04, 2007

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I suddenly realised that it has been a year since I started posting on "Santos Meets Zimmerman". The blog was meant to be a meeting point between the everyday man and philosophical sides of me, and it was supposed to provide more of a reflection, observation and chronicle on life rather than a place to air opinions. I have provided a fair share of those too, but I think my aims have been met with this blog.
I had a couple of blogs before this, but I think this has been the one that has lasted the longest. I don't know how many actually actively peruse the bullshit I put up sometimes, but I'm happy with this blog, and my gyan sessions have been spread to the internet domain thanks to this blog. I've reviewed plays on this blog, I've covered stuff to do with school and with my life. One thing I haven't done enough is to share my views on news events and on critical assessments of movies and music, which I usually consider my speciality. I will definitely make up for the deficiency of that. I did post one good item on the music of Mohiner Ghoraguli, so I think effective measures are already being undertaken.
To whoever does read this, do share your opinions and comments. One thing I haven't had enough of on this blog are comments. Do let me know if you're actually reading this stuff.


Anonymous Param Ajmera said...

i'e been reading your blogs from the one about the death of your grandfather...and i'm in school with you(class 10)...shayak ,from what i've read in your blogs and from what i see in school,you strike me as an extraordinary guy...i really hope to see you pursue some course in college other than the usual engineering or law or bcom or some other shit....from seeing your debates and plays(i saw transplant thanks to utsav}i really hope to see you as a reporter on ndtv or as a director of some movie or play...beacause i know you can be a lot more than some executive in some MNC...hope to see you blogging some more..
ps- who are santos and zimmerman ??

12:38 PM  
Blogger Mr. Santos said...

Thanks for commenting param, and sorry for delayed response...glad to hear that you follow my blog...i'll probably end up as a lawyer man, not good for much else....hopefully will get time to do other stuff though..
And by the way, Santos is a reference to myself, coz I use the penname Roberto Santos a lot...and Zimmerman refers to Bob inspiration, as his real name is Robert Allen Zimmerman

8:10 PM  

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