Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Things I'll Miss

I occasionally wonder as to what will become of me. For a very long time, my aim has been to go in for law after school, and in this last year, things haven't really changed. But what I do wonder about now is what is going to happen to a hyper-active character like me once I go to college? Will it be the same, or will things change?
For example, Theatre. Over the last two years, I have become greatly involved in theatre, and I've begun to make a name for myself, however small that name might be. Will I continue theatre even while doing law? I don't know...there are people I know personally who have continued with theatre despite being in of the more prominent examples of them being Deborshi Borat. Deborshi has been a crucial part of Theatrecian despite being in NUJS for about 3 years now. So it's not impossible to do theatre and law, although it'll be considerably more difficult for me if I'm in a place like Bangalore, and even more difficult if I'm in Hyderabad.
Another field I will definitely miss is quizzing. Right from my junior school days, I've been involved with quizzing at the inter-school and later, at the open level. The victory in the Doon School Quiz brought to a glorious end 10 years of school quizzing...and I doubt if I shall get to do too many more quizzes.
I'm gonna miss hockey for sure. Those gruelling training sessions over the December-January period and the fun we had with characters like Chesney and Wayne...I wonder if I'll ever come across anything that comes close to the fun of hockey matches and hockey practices. I've never been too brilliant at it, just about consistent enough to retain my place in the 2nd Division team, but I've had great fun.
Football and rugby are sports I wish I had played more at school. Especially a sport like rugby, because LMB's one of the very few schools in the city...forget city, even country...which promotes a game like rugby with passion. I've played very few matches of rugby...and I sorely regret it now that I'm about to leave.
School fests will be what I will miss a lot. Yeah, even College fests have their own flavour and charm to it, but it's an altogether separate experience with school fests. I've met a lot of amazing people thanks to fests, and I've used these fests as a place to compete in good spirit and good humour. It's been great fun all the way...and it'll be hard coming back to see succeeding batches competing in these fests like I once did with mine.
Although it's all coming to an end, I'll enjoy this time while it lasts.
"It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right
I hope you had the time of your life"


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