Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Last Months

Do you know what really sucks? The fact there's less than 2 months of proper school left for my batch? And you know what sucks even more? People don't realise the full implications of it. Hell, for most people, the petty things in school are still taking precedence over the fact that this will be the last few months we'll spend as a batch, as students of La Martiniere for Boys.
However, I must say that the feeling currently prevailing in our batch is far more sentimental than what I have seen in previous batches. It goes to show that although our batch unity is not fully prevalent, it's still there. How does that make me feel? Sad, of course. One and a half decades of school life are coming to an end for me. One thing I've already said before to some of our boys, is my regret that I won't come across characters like the ones we have in school anywhere else. I seriously doubt whether I'll ever be able to find characters like I have in school. I was wondering what it would be like coming back to school as an alumnus. The thought seems too terrible for most of us right now, but before long that will be a reality. For me personally, I know that I'll feel like taking my place among the rest of the boys, taking part in the ceremonial occasions. I've already gotten a taste of what it feels like. Since I've retired from festing, sitting in the audience during the recent cultural fest Dhristhikon was nothing short of torture. I was wondering what I was doing just sitting there and watching the next batch try their hardest to maintain some resemblance to what we used to do in these fests. I guess this is a feeling that every passing out batch feels, but since it is the first time we're going through anything like this, it feels strange, to say the least.
I guess it's because our batch was very heavily involved in everything related to the school, and even last year, 4 of the 5 Inter-Martiniere Meet captains were from our batch. To be in a batch so involved with the school and so devoted to stuff related to school is both an honour and a pain. An honour because one feels pride in being associated with the individuals seated with you, and a pain because one can't imagine letting it go.


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